Sisters in Christ


The phrase, ‘sisters in Christ’, carries with it a set of unspoken expectations. A tendency to assume that these relationships will be instantly formed; that because we are connected through Christ we will love each other immediately, finish each other’s sentences and always get each other’s jokes; an expectation that says we will always be there and never let one another down. 

The problem with this is that it is just not true. 

It implies that to be sisters is glossy, flowery, potpourri-scented, hand-holding bliss. It insinuates that it is easy, that once you become part of the family of God, this all comes naturally.

But it doesn’t take into account the humanity of our relationships, the brokenness. It doesn’t leave space for pain and miscommunication. It forgets that while no one can love you like family, no one can hurt you like family either. 

It is possible to smile at a sister, with a heart filled up with concealed anger or unexpressed hurt. 

It is possible to miss the point entirely.

When we look around the room, we can see it is filled with women. There are some who may talk too much or some who perhaps seem withdrawn in their silence. There is the one with the nervous giggle or the one who appears so confident. Each one of us is distinct and different: we will not always see eye to eye on everything; we will not necessarily click.

To hold to the faith that God gives each of us is to be held in this family or sisterhood. It is to acknowledge that we do not always understand each other but that we belong to each other as part of the body of Christ. It is to understand and actively seek to love each other even when we may find it hard. It is to recognise that in our humanity we may at times disappoint one another but realise too that we can ALWAYS fight for one another.

We are a gathering and community of everyday women walking tall and free, loving God, their communities and each other. At the centre is the knowledge that we are loved and valued by God, that we are entrusted with this moment in history, and that we are stronger together. Why don’t you join us on the journey to make the world a better place? We have been waiting for you! We love you already!

We are daughters of the King. Sisters in Christ.

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