Mission 24 School of Ministry

We are excited to host Jonathan Conrathe’s Mission 24 School of Ministry here at RBC from this September – a year to transform your life! 

What is the School of Ministry 2020?

The course has the predominant focus of equipping those with a passion for evangelism to lead others to Christ, preach effectively, and minister in the power of The Holy Spirit. This is done through teaching forums, discipleship meetings and hands on training in evangelism, including time on missions with the Mission24 Team.

The course is both challenging and rewarding and will help to build you up in every area of your walk with God. It will also sharpen your Biblical foundations and activate you in the power of the Holy Spirit, helping you to minister more effectively through signs and wonders.

Be expectant to discover your true identity in Jesus Christ and for God to radically transform your life and reenergise your passion for Him.

Are you ready to take up the challenge?

For more information and to book your place please see the Mission 24 website here. Applications are due by the end of July 2020.