What's On.

Band of Brothers - Broadlands Orchard mission project

2nd April at 12:00am - 7:00pm
RBC Band of Brothers will be visiting Broadlands again on the evening of Friday, 1st & Saturday, 2nd April.

The main purpose of this trip will be to assist David Reeves on the Saturday to complete some outside ground maintenance works. Arriving around 6 pm on Friday, 1st, we’ll eat together before being introduced to our “Spiritual Passions” challenge.

On the Saturday morning, after breakfast, each of us will join the Compass space, share their “passions”, join a like - minded group and discuss “what next for the church”.

By 11 am, with the challenge over and details collected, we’ll meet for coffee together and David will allocate us into work groups to carry out allotted maintenance works across the grounds.

At 1.30 pm, we’ll take a 30-minute sandwich /drink break, with an aim to complete our works by 4.30 pm and be home by 7 pm on the Saturday evening. 

Please bring with you suitable outdoor clothing, shoes and gloves for general garden works. Plus, bed linen / sleeping bags etc.

There will be no accommodation costs for your stay overnight but you will need to please pay for your petrol (or contributions towards) and a £10 each towards meals and drinks.

Please remember that Broadlands Orchard is a registered Christian charity doing good works for the Kingdom, so it’s our privilege to help them keep the grounds well maintained.

 If you wish to know any more concerning this event, then speak directly to either Bob Thomas or David Reeves or e-mail bandofbrothers@reigatebaptistchurch.org.uk.