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DNipro Hope Ride

30th April at 12:00am - 11:59pm

DNIPRO Hope Mission Bike Ride - 30th April 2022

As we did last year, an RBC team of 5 plus cyclists - including Mike Williams, John Bedborough, Jon Newman, Philip Walker, Bob Thomas and a few others on Saturday, 30th April each plan to ride some 35 miles along the Downs Link Way, which runs from Guildford to Shoreham. The aim is to raise some £15K to buy a suitable minibus vehicle for collecting and delivering humanitarian aid, food, medicines etc in increasingly difficult terrain within the Ukraine.

We now urgently need our friends and church family to donate as much as they can afford to this worthy cause by using this  "Go Fund" me link  as set up by Mark Allchorn, Fund Raising Manager for the DNIPRO Hope Mission charity.

100% of all donations given will go directly to the work of the DNIPRO Hope Mission charity.